What is a "company store"?  A company store is a website that is retailing apparel and promotional products for a business, school or organization.  

For example, a micro-brewery might want to sell t-shirts, pint glasses, koozies, etc. with their logo.  It may sound easy to print some items and sell them, but it is not. Not only do you need the items, but you need a place to store them, a way to print packing list and you need shipping supplies and a way to actually ship them.  There are a lot of steps involved to get that order to a customer.


Small companies are often really good at what they do.  Whether it is brew beer, make music, educate people or cook food- they are typically very good at it.  They may have a nice website, but the one thing they wish it could do is sell something.  We can enable that site to do just that.  We can give that company an online retail presence with little risk. If somebody wants to pay you to wear a shirt with your logo on it, you need to get them a shirt!


One of the services we offer is to operate company stores for others.  We can design the site, integrate a shopping cart, keep a supply of the product and as each order comes in, pick, pack and ship it. We operate several sites for others, along with our own retail sites and can seamlessly integrate your store into our portfolio.