We have been manufacturing custom apparel for many years. For our larger customers with specific requirements, we are able to design, sample, manufacture, package, label and import custom apparel.


In addition to the basic services on this site, we also manufacture and distribute our own wholesale lines, NeonTees and ZeroGravitee. By manufacturing and distributing our own lines, we are continually importing goods. This allows us to include custom private label shipments in with our own shipping containers.


With large productions, we can private label our products with your label or you can make your own styles. Most of these have minimums of 100 dozen and take 3-4 months for production and import. We have manufactured t-shirts, hoodies, over-sized jerseys, aprons and headbands to name a few of the items. We can also screen print and embroider in our factory, delivering a completely finished garment. We have a strong relationship with our factory and can produce many different items.


We are equipped to distribute those custom items on a per-order basis if that service is needed. We ship UPS, FedEx and USPS with daily pick-ups from all three.