We can embroider on almost any wearable material, towels, or fabrics made of cotton or polyester and nylon.

Contact us today with your project details!

Typically 7-10 business days. Your lead time will be discussed during the quoting and order placement phase for your project.

There is a maximum of 15 per design.  That is a lot of colors.  Most logos don't have anywhere near that many.

Yes, as long as the same thread colors are used on all the garments. If you need to change thread colors that can also be done but additional charges may apply.

Yes, probably. There are some differences in materials that may present some challenges. We will be happy to discuss that when placing an order.

Yes. Most jackets embroider really well.

Yes, we can embroider print on many hats.

Yes. Individual names are always an option.

Digitizing is the process of taking an image and translating it into machine instructions to tell the embroidery machine how to stitch the design.

The more intricate a design or the more of a background fill it has, the more stitches it needs to sew.  Most left chest designs are 8-10 thousand stitches.  As logos get bigger or more intricate the stitch count increases.  A higher stitch count adds a little to the cost.

Yes.  There is a one-time charge to digitize a logo.  Once done, it can be used again and again.

Of course! We embroider on hundreds of different brands but to make it easy we only list the most popular ones. As long as we can get the blanks we will embroider it for you. Just drop us an email and we will see what we can do!

Yes, we have several artists on staff. They are experienced with the special requirements of embroidering logos and can help with the details.

We will do everything we can to accommodate your deadline without a rush charge. However, in some cases we may require a rush fee if overtime is needed to meet your deadline.

Yes. All artwork is preferred in vector format, saved at full size as Adobe Illustrator or Illustrator pdf files with all fonts outlined. Raster graphics must be created at full size, at 300 dpi or higher and should have each color on its own layer. We accept the following hi-resolution file formats: ai, pdf, eps, svg, psd, tiff, and some hi-resolution jpegs. All fonts must be converted to outlines or the font file(s) must be included with artwork. If you have questions regarding the print readiness of your artwork. If you do submit your artwork as low-resolution graphics, it may be subject to design charges necessary to re-create your artwork as a print-ready graphic.

For embroidery, we can provide a scanned image of the actual sew file or you can come see it.

We have a very large assortment of threads on hand because we have been doing this for many years.  We can also bring in special colors as needed. For smaller jobs with colors we don't have, there may be a small handling fee to bring in a custom color.  For large jobs, custom colors are not a problem.

YES!.  We love fun projects.  We have done a lot of work with 3D puff, metallic threads and tackle twill.

We have a large selection of printed samples in a showroom. We also have swatch cards from all the major mills. Blank garment samples are encouraged if you are looking for a specific color, style or fit. We do require a $50 non-refundable deposit (more for expensive items or more than one). That deposit can be applied toward the order. If you use that garment for the order, it is just billed with the order. If you don't select that item, we may have to charge for it.

Unfortunately, no. We are a full-service apparel decorating company. The good news is that we assume all the risk of mis-prints and other issues (like a hole the manufacturer missed) and you get all the shirts ordered with no hassles or headaches.

Maybe. Contact us and we'll see what we can do!