They are typically any type of hard good with a printed logo on it.  Pens, magnets, cups, mugs, stress balls are just a few of the millions of items offered.

We are members of the two largest trade organizations of promotional products.  If it is out there, we can probably get it.

Typically, there are.  It varies by product and we can find the best product from the supplier with the lowest minimum.

Most promotional products have unique printing requirements.  We have the "connections" to source these items direct from the manufacturers and let them handle any special print requirements.

First, most of these suppliers only sell  wholesale and don't offer direct sales.  Second, we know the art formats, ink colors and all the little intricacies of sourcing these items. We can ensure that the item is produced correctly.  If you are not familiar with how to specify all the details properly, what arrives may not be as expected.  Nothing could be worse than owning 144 mugs with your logo printed in the wrong color.