Yes,  same name. Varsity letters are typically awarded to High School athletes competing at the varsity level.  When they "letter" in a sport, they are awarded a letter.

Traditionally, leather sleeves and a wool body are used in premium versions.  There are several other options available.

We use Authentic Holloway Jackets.  They have been making jackets for over 75 years and make the best jacket on the market (in our opinion anyway).

We can make jackets with felt or chenille lettering.  A lot depends on the standard set by the athletic director for each school.

Typically 8-12 weeks.  Each jacket is decorated by hand after all the letters are custom made.  There a no off-the-shelf supplies used in the making of our jackets.  As the order comes in, we make the chenille or felt for that individual jacket.  Some parts are hand sewn and others are computer sewn.  It is a slow process to make sure everything comes out right.

Maybe. But not all changes are possible.  These are one-off custom jackets and different parts are sewn and assembled at different times. Once production has been started it may be too late if something has been produced and maybe even sewn on.

Yes.  Even though the jackets are all one-off custom made, there are some savings to be had by ordering in bulk.  Typically, that would start with 10 or more for a club or team.

For individual orders, you can come to our showroom, try an actual jacket on for size, see some samples and decide how you want your jacket customized.  We strongly discourage ordering a jacket without trying it on.  They are custom made and cannot be returned or exchanged for size issues.

Of course.  We make jackets for the smallest gymnasts up the the largest football players.  For those big guys, we can supply jackets with longer sleeves and/or longer body lengths.

Yes. We typically use the awarded letter on the jacket.  If you have not lettered yet, but know you will, you can order early and we can supply a loaner letter (if available).  For a little extra, we can also create a replica letter of most letters so that you can keep the original as a keep-sake.

Maybe. Probably. Hopefully. We have made jackets for many of the local schools and probably have the spec.  If we don't, we can work from a picture of another jacket or will be happy to work with the Athletic Director to determine the specs.

Yes. We can come during school hours or to an after school meeting and do a private fitting for a group.  Group discounts may be available at a fitting.