Promotional products are all the little giveaway items that are printed with a logo. We have supplied them to companies for branding and to schools for awareness programs and end-of-year gifts. There is almost no limit to the number of items that are available.  If you can think of printing a logo on it, it probably exists.  We are members of the largest supplier networks and have access to thousands of promotional products.




With smartphone makers like Apple and Motorola doing away with headphone jacks, Bluetooth-enabled products are becoming even more popular. Many say Bluetooth capabilities don’t stop with headphones. Multifunction products like hats with speakers in them, or even fidget spinner speakers, also are emerging as big items this year. 

Unwind with Kronies and discover the freedom of true wireless earbuds. Listen to your favorite jams or call your friends with crisp, clear sound from the built-in microphone. Lightweight and portable, the Kronies follow you wherever the road leads while keeping you connected along the way. Your brand can be music to someone’s ears. Let Kronies be the best buds you’ll ever have.

The minimum for this product starts at 1 piece and basic pricing starts at about $60 each!